How to Super Gr8

  1. Sign up!
  2. Then we give you a cartridge of Super 8 film (approx. 3:20 min.) and a camera
  3. You shoot your film in-camera in order – There is no post-editing allowed
  4. Hand in your exposed film for processing and transfer to digital HD
  5. Then you provide us with original audio or arrange a live performance
  6. We pair the film and the audio together
  7. You design a poster for your film
  8. Then you come to the 2014 Super Gr8 Film Festival and watch your film for the first time in front of a sold out crowd!

What is Super Gr8?

The Super Gr8 Film Festival returns for its fifth year more popular than ever showcasing films at Court Square Theatre in downtown Harrisonburg. Founded locally by Paul Somers and Tim Estep, the festival will feature more than 50 locally-produced Super 8 films.

Sign-ups for the festival began in August 2014, where interested participants gained access to film, cameras, and expertise by local film professionals and enthusiasts. Participants then had until the end of October to turn in their films.

Each filmmaker makes their film on a single cartridge of Super 8 film, which amounts to approximately 3 minutes and 20 seconds of footage. There are no second takes or editing of the films; each film has to be carefully planned out scene-by-scene and shot in order. Upon completion of shooting, filmmakers turn in their film reel along with original audio they have created to be put together by Estep and Somers. Filmmakers do not get to view their finished films until the night of the festival screenings to a sold-out theater.

This year’s crop of filmmakers is diverse, with people of all ages and from all walks of life. The beauty of the Super 8 film format is that it levels the playing field since not many people actively use it anymore. “It’s a leap for everyone,” says Somers, “and the most amazing thing is that you see people who have never made a film before making amazing films.”

The Super Gr8 Film Festival is the only film festival of its kind in the world and it happens in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Our creative community has come together and welcomed the festival by pooling their collective abilities, talents, ideas, and visions. The medium of film is a great meeting ground for actors, directors, cinematographers, designers, musicians, and artists.

The 2014 Super Gr8 Film Festival will be held at Court Square Theater in downtown Harrisonburg on Wednesday November 19 (black & white films) at 7 PM and Thursday November 20 (color films) at 7PM. Immediately following each night’s showing, there will be an awards ceremony and after-party.